Lionel Web

Welcome! My name is Lionel Di Giacomo, a self taught freelance web developer and tiny web host. I have worked with websites for twenty years and enjoy helping friends, artists, non-profits, and small heartfelt businesses get simple, functional websites up and running with minimal fuss.

I emphasize empowerment. I want you to be able, and even comfortable, making changes to your own website. I believe that the web is a great publishing tool, but one can get lost in the woods pretty quickly without a little guidance up front. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn enough about your site to mostly get by on your own, I might not be your best bet – however I will help you find something else that works for you.

I specialize in WordPress. I emphasize using standard platforms, usually open source software since I love the freedom of open source. I picked WordPress because it is popular, free, has loads of options. I’ve found those less computer-inclined pick it up with relative ease once everything is set up.

I usually take clients by referral, however if you want to contact me with any inquiries feel free to email me.