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six of wands

Six of Wands

By Daily Tarot

Six of Wander, Waite-Smith

After the creative chaos of the Five, something interesting has happened. Our group has gone from competition, struggle, and interaction to one of triumph and alignment. Looking to the side and slightly away from the viewer, the group moves as one in a parade of celebration. The tone is clearly one of victory and even abundance, rewards well won and a community pulled together in parade.

It is a fun exercise to imagine the reasons they celebrate. Perhaps the central leader brought the group unity from the chaos of the Five, giving them a common cause and shared success. Maybe he is just their common symbol for their own success, having done more together than any alone could accomplish. Whatever the reason, they place importance on one of them – the main actor, somehow he is important. While he might be a leader, an interesting note is that he isn’t heading the celebration – others do. He is a part of something bigger than himself in the procession, but holds a special place as a hero or victor.

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