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two of swords

Lord Hanuman’s Scroll

By Tarot Essays

Last night, I dreamed intensely. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but this one was uncharacteristically lucid and strange.

I dreamed I was looking through my trusty tarot deck, and the Two of Swords caught my eye. I had never seen it before, and I was completely surprised. I examined it intently, so close it was all I could see. The card depicted a knight in the sky, clouds around him. He faced towards a monkey, which flew ahead of him with it’s gaze turned over its shoulder. It had a strange headdress with human hands mounted on either side of it, one side held a scroll and the other seemed to gesture onward. At the top, the numeral was offset, similar to the ten of pentacles, and the scene was repeated in reverse in the corner.

A had a friend with me, a composite dream friend that seemed to mostly be my companion Morgan. I showed her the card and we were both surprised through all our study, we’d never noticed this card. Looking through my deck again, I saw the usual Two of Swords, and I got a strange pit in my stomach. I had forgotten that there had been any other Two of Swords but the new one I’d just found – I felt both afraid and excited. We both started looking through the deck, and new cards I can’t remember quite began to appear. More and more, one I almost remember was an elaborate card, visually similar to an Ace of Cups or Pentacles and the Ten of Pentacles; It was ornate and incredibly different from anything I’d ever seen before, but still everything had the Waite-Smith ‘feel’.

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