Hi, my name is Lionel.

I have studied esoteric symbol systems in general, and Tarot in particular, since 2001. I learned tarot from my mother through her institute, and my subsequent education has been from her, myself, and many others ever since. Along with my mom’s own study and insight, she was a certified Master Reader with the American Tarot Association (back when they offered certifications), and I followed a rigorous rubric to become a certified Tarot Consultant. Though some people knock certifications, and they certainly are not necessary for an effective Tarot reader, I take pride in my tarot education and thought the certification criteria was thoughtful and rigorous.

Altogether, in addition to Tarot I’ve studied astrology, kabbalah, numerology, and more. A particular fascination of mine is watching for meaningful overlap between life lessons within those systems, tarot, and my own life experiences. Drawing creative connections between different domains intuitively is what I call relational intelligence, a core skill reading tarot develops.

Many of the articles in this blog were a product of a daily card practice I kept between 2009 and 2013. While many articles aren’t new, I think many of the topics are timeless and relevent to professional readers, hobby metaphysicists, and people who just get a kick out of this stuff all the same.

I no longer am a full time tarot reader, but I still value tarot and metaphysics. I discuss, read, and teach tarot with all sorts of people and if you are interested in corresponding with me personally please feel free to send me an email. If you want a reading, lessons, or want me to read tarot at your house or an event, schedule me on my services page. For even more from me or to support my tarot work, visit my Patreon page. Otherwise, explore the blog and have fun!

With infinite love of the universe,