My name is Lionel, and I have studied esoteric symbol systems in general, and Tarot in particular, since 2001. My initial training in Tarot was passed to me by my mother through her own institute, and my subsequent education has been from her, myself, and many other sources ever since. Along with my mom’s own study and insight, she was a certified Master Reader with the American Tarot Association and followed the rubric to become a certified Tarot Consultant. Thought some people knock certifications, and they certainly are not necessary for an effective Tarot reader, I take pride in my Tarot education and thought the certification criteria was thoughtful and rigorous.

In addition to Tarot, I’ve independently studied astrology, kabbalah, numerology, and more. A particular fascination of mine is watching for meaningful overlap between wisdom within those systems, my own life experiences, and my understanding of Tarot. Creatively and intuitively drawing connections is what I call relational intelligence, and is I think a core of the intuitive skillset which studying divination develops.

In September 2009, I began to pull daily tarot cards for the purpose of study. I have been struck by how quickly this practice brought meaning and inspiration to me and my surroundings. This blog is a result of that practice, to help me relate my own experience with tarot to friends, family, and anyone with an interest in the subject matter. The themes often reflect my own journey through life, so I try to blend the symbolic contemplation with the everyday truth beneath all of this.

Though I changed careers from full time tarot consulting, I still hold tarot and spiritual philosophy close to my heart. In my tarot practice I discuss, read, and teach tarot with all sorts of people. If you are interested in corresponding with me personally, please feel free to send me an email. If you want a reading or my teaching, I’ve written a page about it. If nothing else, explore the blog and have fun!

With infinite love of the universe,