Get a Tarot Reading

Private tarot consultations both grounded and full of possibilities. I can read in person if you live close by, over the phone, via webcam and voice software.

If you are drawn – by casual curiosity or something more – I am open to reading for you. If you want to give me money, no need to pay me more than you would earn in the time we spend together. You may also give me a gift you feel appropriate or no thing at all. Your sincerity is the only thing I ask for.

Learn to Read Tarot

Tarot is an enormously rewarding practice and creative tool. Lessons are personalized, and we will relate tarot to your interests such as astrology, runes, or art.

Lessons are not just about learning what cards mean, they are also to help you know yourself better and become a responsible advisor to those who open themselves up to you.

I currently read in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

About my services

  • Experienced and professional. With over 20 years experience, I have given hundreds of tarot consultations to all kinds of people. I always use readings as opportunities for fun, honest conversation, and personal growth.
  • Reality based readings. I rely on observation, conversation, and feedback to improve my readings – not psychic powers. You don’t have to leave critical thinking at the door or believe anything supernatural to enjoy a tarot reading with me.
  • No pricing. If you genuinely want a reading or are sincerely curious, that is all I ask. You may pay me, but no need to spend more than you would make in our time together. I also accept gifts, art, and your honest thanks.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t happy with our time together, leave at any point. I don’t charge, so you don’t owe me anything.

I can’t provide expert legal, medical, or mental health advice. If you think you need these, please contact an appropriate professional.

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