Here is a table of contents for all of the articles in my Blog. I hope you will find whatever you need to about Tarot!

Specific Cards

Six of WandsNine of Wands
Seven of Swords
Seven of Pentacles
The Tower

Looking at the Numbers


Other Articles

Reading Tips

Better Reading with Lightning Round Tarot • A fun and simple exercise to experience new relationships and develop rapid interpretations
Five Excuses Not to Buy a New Deck • Why the Rider Waite will always be a solid choice
Four Practical Tips to Rephrasing over Email • Practice makes perfect, learning to read online can only sharpen your Tarot skills
Three Example One Card Readings • These readings were performed online, demonstrating the steps in rephrasing over email for curious readers
Tips for Reading on the Road • Tarot has long been associated with
wanderers, here are tips to overcome any language and culture gaps while on the move
Two Basic Steps to Learning Tarot • Simple suggestions to give a very basic ground of understanding of the Tarot


Lord Hanuman’s Scroll • A dream to lay out a new way to look at the Two of Swords, and Swords in general
The Wisdom Game • An article about Tarot’s potential impact as a confidence builder in young people

Other Updates • 2/18/10 : Free Talk Announcement3/11/10 : Free Talk Review


Other Resources

There are a lot of fantastic blogs, forums, and resources for Tarot on the web. Since I can’t hope to be exhaustive, I have only picked a few to highlight some popular choices.

Tarot on the Web

Aeclectic Tarot • Such a popular forum for tarot enthusiasts, I’d be remiss not to include it here. I don’t personally participate, but its certainly an excellent resource. • I like this site just because it has all the card images and basic interpretations available for those looking to learn the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Tarot Eon • Douglas Gibb’s unique attitude makes for a diverse, well written blog. Unfortunately Tarot Eon appears to be defunct.