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Readings upon request, no prices, no events, no subscriptions.

By May 14, 2021August 3rd, 2023No Comments

I have retired my Patreon page, so many thanks to all who participated! It was a fun experiment, but it was time to close up shop. Money has never been the point of my Tarot practice, and I found that while some lovely people contributed, the subscription model led to an unequal feeling where people didn’t use their benefits enough to justify accepting their continued payments.

Our society creates countless gaps between our own work – the work of living, being, loving, and becoming – and the meeting of our basic needs, often via jobs and labor that mostly enriches others more than ourselves. Even a spiritual practice is not safe from being considered in terms of monetization.

Minding this, I’m removing pricing from this site; I want this side of my life to be about the real work of connecting with one another about things that matter to us. I am also retiring my work with events, as I prefer the intimacy of individual readings. I’ll read for a small group or couple if that is what feels right, let me know.

If you feel drawn to a reading or a less structured spiritual conversation with me, please read my Readings and Lessons page to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.