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Three Example One-Card Readings

By December 21, 20092 Comments

After my last post on rephrasing questions over email, I got several requests to provide the sample readings I used.

So here they are! I’ve also included another of the sample readings I did during my Free Tarot Network application. I hope people find these helpful as practical examples of real readings done over email, and maybe help some beginners see the way connections can be drawn to develop a good reading from just one card.

These weren’t perfect readings, I made a few practical mistakes with the question format, but I’ve glossed over those to present the material clearly. These are the complete readings, from greeting to goodbye, so they are quite long. I am happy to respond to any and every specific comment or question on these readings in the comments below!

Sample Question One

The Future of my Love Life

Mindy is about 30, and she asks about… “The future of my love life. A love from the past has come back.”

Hello Mindy,

My name is Lionel, I am a Tarot reader with the Free Tarot Network with the reading you requested. I look forward to sharing this time with you and I hope that this reading gives some pleasure and insight.

Before I move to the reading, I want to let you know what you can expect from me. Firstly, I have read the Tarot for nearly 8 years now, using the classical Rider-Waite-Smith deck you might be familiar with. Tarot to me is a powerful tool to explore ideas, extend natural intuition, and gain new perspectives on our lives. I don’t consider myself a psychic with a knowledge of the future, and I don’t offer firm predictions. In my readings I may offer possible outcomes to your unique story, which can offer you choices you might not have thought about before. I encourage you to use the reading as a tool to help discover how you would like best to move forward to achieve what you want in life.

Now getting down to business! Your reading is about love, an old love which has come back into your life. This will be a one card reading, which will give me a single energy about the future of your love life and how it may unfold. When I read, I take a moment in silence to consider the question and shuffle the deck. Then I imagine you asking it and cut, drawing the card from the top. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your question and what inspired you to ask it.

I have drawn for you the Four of Wands. The image is four staves forming a gate, two on either side and connected with a garland. Two figures wave bouquets of flowers in front of a busy town, welcoming the viewer inside. A web image of the card can be found at

The appearance of an old love can be confusing, but I believe this person helps you feel at home and comfortable with their arrival. Time away has left you feeling strongly that you belong together – and that maybe, this person can offer you both stability and inspiration in your life.

The card itself speaks of arrival and a time of rest from a journey. You both have become more experienced, having had other relationships and learning life lessons which allow you to appreciate eachother more and more as you catch up and become closer after time apart.

Though there is no question you two are excited to see eachother, and that your friendship will likely bloom, love might have obstacles. Apart one or both of you may have developed relationships which might prevent romance. If you wish to be close, these may be left behind – but be aware that life has a way of keeping people moving, and that a travelling card like this has a natural development. However tempting the heat of a familiar love can be, travellers tend to keep on travelling, and before abandoning current relationships consider that your time together may not last.

That said, this is a loving card that speaks about reuniting after a journey, and that the friendship between you two is lasting and rich. Whether you find yourself becoming romantically close again, or sharing time lost between you and gaining a lasting friendship, this will be an exciting and warmhearted time of your life – one you will remember and celebrate. Beautiful!

If this reading is missing important information or seems to miss the mark, feel welcome to elaborate and respond. In fact, any feedback is encouraged if you have any questions or comments. I can reinterpret based on your feedback and together we can be sure this reading is a helpful resource for you!


Sample Question Two

I know a little about Astrology…

Joan is about 45, and she says… ” I am a Pisces. Is there any way you can tell
me the sign, or the initial, of the man who has a romantic interest in me?”

Hello Joan,

My name is Lionel, I’m a tarot reader with the FTN and am looking forward to providing the tarot reading you requested! Just to recap, you asked about the astrological sign, or even the first initial, of the man interested in you.

I’d like you to know first that I, like many other readers, do not consider myself psychic. I don’t usually give firm predictions in my readings, rather I may offer possible outcomes which I hope will provide you with choices and inspiration in achieving what you want in life.

Based on your question I am not sure if you have a specific man already in mind and are looking for some verification that he is indeed ‘the one’, or if you are simply asking for clues so you won’t miss ‘him’ while you live your life. As a Pisces, you may identify with a passive, emotional approach to love, waiting for ‘the one’ to reveal themselves to you. Remember that you have choice, so it isn’t just who is in love with you, but who you are in love with that matters!

With all that in mind, and in the spirit of such a short reading, I’m going to expand your question a little. Don’t worry, for fun I’ll look at what the cards guess may be his sign (Or even his initials! ), but this question will offer us a broader perspective of your future love: “What am I looking for in my future love?”

So now I will begin the reading. This will be a one-card reading, and so I’ll be drawing just one card to answer your question. When I read, I shuffle the cards and cut, taking a moment of silence before I draw. If you are so inclined, you may or may not close your eyes for a moment and reflect on your question and all the things you want to learn. I am cutting the cards.

Your card is the Nine of Cups. In the classical Rider-Waite-Smith tarot pack, this is a figure wearing a white robe and a large red hat sits happily on a bench, behind him stands a tall, long arching table draped in blue cloth. Upon it Nine cups decorate it, arching over his head. You can see an image of the card online here:

This card is powerfully associated with joy and ‘getting what we want’; What you are looking for in your ‘ideal’ partner might be exactly what to look for in the men you meet. Don’t compromise your ideals and take the first person who wants you, look for someone who really fits the bill! Imagine the things you most enjoy in love, emotional maturity, playfulness, and wisdom – they are available to those who stick true to their desires.

If you find yourself attracted to a man, you may find that he is also looking back at you – Go for it! If you initiate a deeper level of relationship with this person, you may be pleasantly surprised that they feel the same way about you.

I am struck; You asked about the star sign of the person who will fall in love with you, and that you are a Pisces. The nine, being of the last third of the numbered arcana, and the cups, corresponding to water, indicate a Piscean tarot card. While that might be taken literally to say you will attract a Pisces man, I would definitely advice that whoever he is he will be very like you. While opposites often attract, commonalities can build strong and loving bonds – After all, none of us are so the same, but someone who is on the same emotional page as you will make you very happy.

True to my promise, and disclaiming myself of any accuracy, I see the persons initial starting with a medial letter in the alphabet; Maybe an ‘M’ or ‘N’.

I don’t have much more to offer at this time, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to me with your feedback – no matter what you may say, dialog can only enrich and deepen a tarot reading. And if you found this helpful, remember you can ask for another one-card reading every 30 days, or try our other free network, the Free Reading Network for a multi-card reading.

Good luck in Love!

Sample Question Three

Tell me theres money.. Please?

May is just past 50, with a lot on her mind; “Starting a new business. I have put everything on the line here and I have been shunned by everyone who knows me and I am afraid I have charted my course in the wrong direction. I have no confidence in myself anymore and we need money. I am afraid things will not go well. We need a windfall fast.”

Hello May,

My name is Lionel, and I with the Free Tarot Network with your requested reading. I share your trepidation in your new business, becoming a tarot reader professionally was a big step for me and had many challenges, both financially and socially. I hope this reading can help clarify options for you and give you insight!

In your question you outline many of the fears and challenges inherent in charting your own course, and mention the need for hope and money. Like many other tarot readers, I don’t consider myself psychic, so I will not firmly predict whether you will recieve a windfall or not, but I will be able to offer possibilities I see in the card we choose, and look forward to the different options you might gain from the reading.

The reading will be a one-card reading, which will give us a general energy of your new business, its direction, and what may be nourishing and challenging you in this adventure. I am shuffling the deck and will cut the cards, followed by a moment of silence. I invite you to take a moment and let your questions flow through your mind as I prepare to draw your card.

Your card is the King of Wands. The card depicts a throned figure with a wand for a scepter, looking actively to the left of the card. He resides in a desert landscape, a salamandar appears to look with him to the left. A picture of the card can be seen here:

This card often appears as an ispired leader, one who sets longterm goals and finds inspirational and creative ways to move forward. In the case of your question, the figure may very well be the founder of a new business, and it is a strong encouragement. Do what you must to survive, but don’t compromise your new business – It is a part of you, and setting it aside will not just endanger your pride but also doesn’t serve your deeper needs from life.

Kings are leaders by virtue of their evident and contagious inspiration. Look deep to why and how your new business began, and how it exists now. Renewing your passion in the foundations of your new business can drastically improve your confidence and also attract helpful attitudes from your friends and family who’ve been unsupportive. The King of Wands is especially driven, and can sometimes push people away with his intensity. Paying extra attention to other people in their unique circumstances can also bring them back to your side, letting them see that you are still present and haven’t been swept totally away.

Key in this reading is that you must find some balance; If you need money, do what you have to. Find support where you can, maybe get extra help to help with all your work or even finding old friends if those near you aren’t emotionally available. I believe with perserverence your new business can succeed and very well, but some of the steps to get there may feel to you like they’re taking you further away from your longterm goals. Trusting that doing what you have to now helps you succeed in the future can give you flexibility and strength in the face of uncertainty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reading, and I invite you to ask any questions or offer any other comments. Feedback can only enrich and deepen your reading! Feel welcome to ask for another reading after thirty days, or even visit the Free Reading Network if you enjoyed this experience and want another reading.

My best wishes to you and your business!


I hope this material is helpful to somebody, and again – I look forward to answering any comments or questions on these readings and the approaches, from general questions to specific ones about the cards I drew and how I interpreted them. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!

Join the discussion 2 Comments

  • Hi Lionel.
    Thank you for posting the 3 readings. I found your interpretation very interesting. First, I would like to say that I like your friendly, direct and not condescending tone. I also like the concise but clear way you define your approach to Tarot reading.

    How much would you say intuition influences your interpretation of the cards?

    As an example, in the first reading you looked at the 4 of wands, a card of celebration, and you pointed out the likelihood of third parties involved.
    I can see your point that travellers tend to continue travelling, but where did you get the competition?

    In the second example you had a very difficult question that I believe you rephrased beautifully.
    You got the 9 of cups. You went for the interpretation of the wish granted, to go for her dreams. I can see that. The 9 of cups could also stand for just plain fun and indulgement, without any string attached. Having only one card to guide you, why do you think you went for one meaning over the other? How did you come up with the initials?

    I truly liked the way you handled the third reading.
    The client was under a lot of stress and you sounded kind, sympathetic and reassuring.
    Do you think that you tapped in your astrology knowledge for the king of wand?

    I am always interested in how a reader comes to the final interpretation. You and I, like many other Tarot readers make no claim of special abilities. We rely mostly on our knowledge of the cards.
    My point here is that lately I have come to the conclusion that intuition plays an important part in any reading. Now I am trying to figure out how much.

    Thanks again.


  • Bernice Morales says:

    will my exboyfriend will come back to me and will i find love again?