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Daily Tarot

Full Moon in July

By Daily Tarot

Before the day passes here in Colorado, I want to share a little about the numbers in the date, and why they are special.

It is 7-22-13 today. We’ll start from the year, and work back through the day and the month.

13 in Tarot is the Death card; In that sense, it could be said that this year is in general painful, difficult, and transformative, which is going to be a bit truistic (Though it seems the theme aroundthose I’m close to). But, the 22 and the 7 together evoke the turning point of absolute dissolution and reformation which are implied by the 13; Letting things go that are dead to make resources and space available for something new.

22 is the number of major cards in a Tarot deck, and, some would say intentionally, the number of letters in the Hebrew aleph-bet. Each letter represents a different, fundamental facet of the universe, and their combinations teach us about the world, eachother, and God.

7 is a number often used in esoterics to denote a whole process or complete progression; 7 notes in each octave of the major scale, 7 liberal arts to be considered educated, 7 seals between us and the apocalypse. 7 is also the number of the letter G, and so is connected in Masonry with the name of God. In Tarot specifically, the fool is sometimes said to be traveling along the other major cards in group of sevens; Achieving inner strength in the Chariot, outer strength in Temperance, and strength in community in the World. At least, that is one way to interpret the 7 groups; There are, of course, many beautiful ways.

To top it all off, right in the middle of the day today was the full moon. The Moon pulls on our hearts and deep desires, and through that our greatest capacity for love and growth – and of course, our greatest capacity for fear. The moon is both intimate and mysterious, a fitting allegory for our deepest selves.

So, it may’ve seemed like any other Monday, but today – in at least some hidden ways – was a very special day.