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Professional Tarot Class

By August 30, 2011January 17th, 2018One Comment

With summer winding down classes have started, and in November I will join the school spirit and begin co-teaching a year long Tarot course in Boulder – with a twist. In addition to meanings and spreads, the course is designed from the beginning to prepare students for professional reading, including practical tips on the business of tarot, the ethics of being a reader, and ways to integrate tarot study and reading in a variety of careers.

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about professional tarot, especially about the possibilities. Clients DO come back, people DO read what you write, and people DO care about the details – not everybody, but a lot of them. In addition to reading and writing, teaching tarot has become a treasured part of what I do. I learn so much about how different people express themselves in their interpretation and style, and it gives me ever new ways of seeing and relating to my own deck.

The course is a 3 trimester course with electives which will be taught by a variety of teachers in the Boulder area. More information and registration can be found over at the Montsegure Institute.

The world is getting more diverse and exciting every day, and I hope more and more people will find the archetypal world of tarot more than only a mystery within the world, but also a rich, expressive lens to explore how our inner wisdom informs our everyday life. Check out the class, and enjoy the fall colors as they come!

The Professional Tarot Certification Program has its orientation night on November 4th, 2011 in Boulder Colorado!
»Visit for a course outline, brochure, and registration.

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  • Suzanna says:

    I wish I cold be there for those classes. Learning the business of tarot readings sounds super helpful for those hoping to make it a career. It is important to have feet in both the mystical and real worlds.