Tarot Eon and Some New Additions

By September 27, 2010 2 Comments

I now participate on the new Tarot forums over at Douglas Gibb’s wonderful blog Tarot Eon! Click ‘forums’ near the top to get a list of the discussions, I myself just added a topic to gather ideas on When a Reading gets too Serious .

I also have updated my humble blog with a page linking to my Facebook Page, and updated my page describing my Readings and Lessons, adding a lot of information on my services and my schedule for reading Tarot at the Lighthouse Bookshop here in Boulder.

Also, for those wanting to pay or tip me, I’ve added a PayPal link at the bottom of the page called the ‘Tip Jar’. I look forward to adding a real payment page for my Tip-Jar and adding it to the top navigation, but in the meantime this is a convenient solution.

Thank you so much, I am SO grateful to you who read this! You do so much to help inspire me with your comments and kind words. My blog is nearly a year old now, and I have some fun topics to bring up over the next few months, back to some of the in-depth looks for the more dedicated symbolists and maybe even my version of Tarot Solitaire I’ve been playing with during my nights at the Lighthouse.

Stay tuned!

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