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Three Card Beltane Spread

By May 1, 2011January 18th, 20189 Comments

This spread has been adapted and published with the Bonefire Tarot deck by talented Gabi Angus-West, check it out!

Yesterday was the last day of April, and a warm day in Ontario. I had just come up from North Carolina, where I saw the above flowers (Along with a stunning bonsai collection) in the North Carolina Arboretum. Driving north was a regression from summer to late winter, as skies grayed and leaves retracted into buds, like slow motion in reverse.

Upon arriving,  the friend I am visiting got me a gig reading Tarot at their bakery the next day. Given that it was May eve, we celebrated Beltane with a feast, a bonfire, and plenty of wine and cider. I rarely come up with specific Tarot spreads, but I was inspired by the bonfire to create a simple spread for today so I could read quickly for many people at the bakery. The reading I came up with is a short and sweet Beltane themed card spread.

The spread is a kind of past-present-future spread, with the first card going to the center. This spread can be easily read for yourself, and is very easily extended. I like to challenge myself by trying to see where the answer to any additional questions is in a spread already before drawing more cards. Feel free to leave comments with your additions and comments.

1. The Spring Bonfire

Burning away the grimness of winter and igniting our inner fire for a new spring and summer, the bonfire is a cherished tradition. Passion and high spirits overwhelm and can burn away what isn’t needed, so this card is the Fire in your life this spring, what to be unafraid of and allow through your life uninhibited to do its work. In some senses, this position is where to get out of your own way.

Cards here might be exaggerated to a high intensity, even becoming overwhelming. Try allowing the card’s meaning to ‘burn you up’, maybe visualize the card’s meaning in your life to become bigger and brighter, letting any resistance you may feel be penetrated by it completely. This energy enveloping you can ignite fresh passion, while burning away old grief, cleaning you out and allowing energy to flow uninhibited.

2. The Past Winter

Though winter is technically behind us, the cold tends to creep well into spring. This position is to reflect on the winter and what it was like. A negative card is difficulties that are melting away, while brighter cards might be lessons learned to carry with you, and good luck to be thankful for. As a card representing the past, this is what you’ve been through and what you’ve gained – important experience to carry with you through the rest of the reading.

3. The Coming Summer

I just left North Carolina, where spring seems to already have given way to summer. This card is about what summertime might have for us, and specifically what we will manage to accomplish or achieve with the passion ignited by springtime.

So, examine the Spring and Winter cards and see this Summer card as the new direction gained; Something like the Death card might be finally letting go of something that had to be let go of, while a 6 of Cups is a blessing of community, friendship, and love. Allow this card to be a positive message of how the fiery, creative Spring energy can best be realized and applied.

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  • Gaylle says:

    Welcome to Canada – here in Ontario, the trilliums are our signal for spring. I like your 3-card inspiration for the change of seasons 🙂

    • digiacom says:

      Thank you Gaylle, I’ve added a picture of a trillium I saw in North Carolina thanks to you 🙂 If you ever come down to Guelph in the next week or two, I’ll be here until the 11th, and I’m always looking to meet new people!

  • Karinjenny says:

    Yessss! A new post! I right away did my Beltance spread and got the star for winter,the 8 of wands for Spring and the Fool and the Queen of Pentacles for summer… (I pulled two cards for summer, Queen of Penytacles first then the fool for further outlook – I was too curious!!!!) Any input?
    Thanks for this inspiration and have a great time in Canada

    • digiacom says:

      Hi Karin!

      8 of Wands as the Fire might mean all of the different opportunities in front of you, and a sense of urgency around DOING something!

      The Star means the winter was reflective, maybe leaving you feeling somewhat disconnected. Coming into the 8 of Wands from the star is an appropriate eruption of action after a quiet season, but it can be very sudden.

      The Queen of Pentacles for the Summer is a great omen! Abundance, getting to focus your attention lovingly on where you live and help things to grow. Also a great card for your Garden 🙂

      Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  • Karinjenny says:

    Thanks Lionel – and yes, I am already gardening and sowing and planting!I look forward to a Queenly-Pentacly summer and thank you for your insight! Since I pulled a second card for summer – it was the Fool – it seems right to create and immerse myself in abundance while starting something new entirely.

  • Crystal Rose says:

    Hello Lionel,

    How is the adventuring going? Where in the world is Waldo now? Could he be in Canada?

    By the way, if you get a chance you should go to Banff, the Canadian Rockies are sooooo beautiful!

    I have been checking out your tarot blog and I am really enjoying it. I think I will try out the Beltane spread for myself.

    So I have found myself gravitating back towards the tarot. This has been a natural occurrence that has materialized itself from my unconscious. Of course I am realizing that the root of this most probably stems from our study that we did with your mother on the major arcana. Oh how much I enjoyed that class! I wish I could have stayed and continued with the minor arcana. The interesting thing is that I have found that due to the set of skills I gained from that class, even without much previous knowledge I can some what intuitively interpret the minor arcana.

    Anyhow, I was wondering, have you noticed how many references there are to the tarot in film? This seems to be so consistent that I do not think it is merely a “coincidence”.
    Well enjoy your travels! If you find yourself in the South America let me know ^.~

    Best wishes,

  • maxircus says:

    wow thank you for sharing this spread. It works terrificly. =D

    But I need a sprinkle of your suggestion. I drew The Chariot for the 3rd card. Is it more about some new direction, or things I need to do to reach the new goal/direction?

    Thank you a much.

    • digiacom says:

      The Chariot in the Summer position – Right now I interpret that as you feeling refreshingly yourself this summer!

      Whatever your spring/bonfire card was has melted the winter ice, leaving your Chariot nature, your truth, your skin of light to shine on though your summertime – in both work and play 🙂

      It also means you will learn more about your mind and body, and how they are affected by eachother and your relationships. The best kind of wisdom comes from knowing yourself, may you have a wonderful summer!

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